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Sustainable Forests

If managed on a sustainable basis, biomass is replenished with new growth as it is harvested. This maintains a closed carbon cycle, with no net increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels (carbon neutral), that can contribute to global warming and climate change.

We have ensured that all arising produced as a by-product of our operations can be converted into wood fuel. This means that no wood material ends up at landfill or is wasted.



When pruning operations are undertaken and the tree is retained we can proudly say that this is a carbon neutral exercise as the trees vegetative regrowth maintains a closed carbon cycle. This is one of the key reasons for why we so passionately encourage reduction as opposed to removal.

Unfortunately when trees are removed and not replaced we our unable to say our arboricultural operations provide sustainable and carbon neutral fuel to biomass boilers, so for this reason replanting is recommend when appropriate to our clients.

Maplebeck Tree Care provides Eddie Stobart Biomass with wood chippings.

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