Services – Old

Crown Lifting

Removal of selected branches and limbs from the lower part of the trees crown, which raises the clearance above ground level.

Crown Reduction

A crown reduction involves only the outer part of the crown, and therefore provides only a modest reduction in overall height and spread

Crown Thinning

Selective removal of secondary branches within the canopy. Crown Thinning reduces the sail area, leaving the shape and size of the crown.

Decay & Cavities

Trees with cavities are not uncommon, some tree species develop them more readily than others. Most but not all originate as part of a natural process.

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is carried out to enhance the branch structure, enabling the tree to be free from mechanical weaknesses.


Decaying trees are safely stabilised, perhaps with short stubby limbs. This practice is used to completely mitigate any risk of failure.


Pollards are developed by removing the leading shoots of trees during immaturity. Numerous small branches develop near the positions of cutting.

Tree Removal

Seen as a last resort, this should be avoided if at all possible. A tree that may warrant such attention is one that poses an unacceptable risk to people and property.

Weak Structures

Support systems including Cable & Rod Bracing, Propping and Guying are an important component in tree care to preserve a tree with structural defects.

Grounds Maintenance

We provide Grounds Maintenance services that can enhance the presentation of your premises and strengthen your professional reputation.

Woodland Management

We provide clients with a comprehensive timber harvesting service. Conservation and preservation are the foundations of our professional woodland management.


Managed on a sustainable basis, Biomass is replenished with new growth as it is harvested, maintaining a closed carbon cycle which is carbon neutral.